On the Perch Bird Park is a ‘must see’ unique wildlife experience on the NSW Sapphire Coast that opened in 2015. With more than 110 species from Australia and around the world, it is one of the largest collections of birds within Australia that is accessible for all. Our up-close and personal experiences allow you to interact with unique wildlife like you’ve never done before.

We have 16 different exhibits (including six walk-in aviaries set up as regional habitats). We also have a ‘Chicken Run’ for the little and big kids. Interact with the birds in our walk-in aviaries.

Meet the Keeper at 11am & 1pm. Find the perfect gift at ‘The Bower’ gift shop or visit the ‘Brood’ Kiosk for the perfect coffee. Immerse yourself in nature on the NSW Sapphire Coast.

343 Tathra Road, Kalaru NSW
Open 10am to 3pm (Closed Wednesdays)