Tuesday 19 May has been declared ‘National Takeaway Day’ and ‘Takeaway Tuesday’.

Pizza, noodles, curry or kebabs? Whatever your takeaway food of choice, you can enjoy it totally guilt-free – and somewhat heroically – this Tuesday 19 May, which has been declared ‘National Takeaway Day’ and ‘Takeaway Tuesday’.

COVID-19 has hit businesses hard, particularly those in the hospitality industry. While a number of local foodie hotspots have been innovating to stay afloat during uncertain times, the sector has taken a hit, with jobs lost and businesses closing up shop around the country.

In light of this, the Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia (R&CA) have teamed up with Unilever to declare 19 May as ‘National Takeaway Day’ and ‘Takeaway Tuesday’, in the hopes of sparking a movement across of Australia of people ordering takeaway to support their favourite local haunts.

Restaurants are encouraged to get in on National Takeaway Day too, by inviting patrons to ‘eat alone together’. 

“Takeaway Tuesday is the next evolution of #EatAloneTogether,” said R&CA CEO, Wes Lambert.

“We want Australians to make a conscious effort to support their local restaurant and share their fantastic experience on social media.

“Restaurants need your support now more than ever and we’re encouraging diners across Australia to take part in Takeaway Tuesday.”      

For locals in need of a takeaway hit on a Tuesday, fear not! Many of our beloved cafes and restaurants are still up and running, serving takeaway for your mid-week meal needs.